This past Friday at the Funky Uncle we went live with the School of Rock House Band! C.R. Gruver gathered his crew of young musicians to play some cover hits of songs that helped shape the last 60 years of Rock & Roll music.

The House Band is composed of the school’s top 9 students. Each has passed a rigorous audition process and is expected to perform at the highest level achievable at the school.  Being our community ambassadors, they represent the values and opportunities at School of Rock and each member exemplifies what it means to be a School of Rock student. 

The band included many young talents that were all well versed in various different genres of music as well as being multi-instrumentalists! School of Rock covered local classics, as well as many famous rock & roll standards including: Cissy Strut by the Meters, Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, and The Trooper by Iron Maiden. The most mind-blowing part of this show was how well the band played as a unit. Each musician was capable of playing multiple instruments to the point where each song was basically a brand new band composed of the same students! No matter who was playing, the students worked together to allow the music to shine instead of individual members trying to outdo the other.

After the show the students were interviewed by our host Soul Stu to get an inside scoop on the School of Rock. Drummer Kenzie told us “The School of Rock has taught me about how to play in a band with other people, community, and meshing with people you never thought you’d be best friends with.” When asked “what does music mean to you?” singer-songwriter Crean said, “Music to me is the purest method of expressing human emotion.” We were so impressed with the depth of ability presented by the School of Rock House Band. 

We’re proud of C.R. and the gang! Fridays from the Funky Uncle has been able to host shows for 42 weeks, raise over $238,000 and have been able to provide help to over 357 people with 100% of money raised going to musicians and gig-workers.  The School of Rock House Band impressed eyes and ears all over the world Friday night, we hope to see them again at the Funky Uncle soon! 

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