As a soon-to-be music industry studies graduate from Loyola University New Orleans, I was very excited to start my internship at Friday’s From The Funky Uncle! During my time at the Funky Uncle I had the opportunity to get more experience under my belt and learn from the professionals already in the industry. Over the past 3 months, I’ve had an amazing experience and have learned a lot about the New Orleans music scene. The Funky Uncle has an amazing crew that is nice enough to pass their knowledge to interns who are trying to learn and get our foot in the music industry.

Every Friday I get to help the Funky Uncle Krewe put together a live stream of local New Orleans Funk bands and artists that help raise money for musicians and gig-workers affected by COVID-19. The Krewe works together in order to make these live streams possible. As someone  that’s fairly new to the New Orleans music scene, I’ve been exposed to many local legends at the Funky Uncle like Tony Hall, Ivan Neville, George Porter Jr. and also renowned New Orleans acts like Marc Stone and Soul Project NOLA (The Funky Uncle All-Stars).   

I had the pleasure to be interning for the Funky Uncle as they reached a major milestone celebrating 50 straight weeks of shows since they started in April during the pandemic. It was really cool to see how passionate the Krewe is about Fridays From The Funky Uncle and how there was such a strong sense of community and resilience that no matter how bad things were with the pandemic they kept going because of their faith in the power of music, funk and the city.

I really like that everyone involved with Fridays from the Funky Uncle is passionate about the project and open to new ideas. I’m very fortunate to get to work with and learn from these amazing people. I’m honored that I get to be a part of and help Friday’s From The Funky Uncle in their mission to keep the Funk alive, while bringing it to the people for free and raising money for musicians and gig-workers that have been affected by COVID-19.