October 30, 2020
Location: New Orleans
Time: 7:00pm cst

Once upon a time, last year, there were four New Orleans musicians whose childhoods were fueled by Rage tunes. Following a mutual craving for revolution, they found one another and, through a smattering of miraculous happenstances, a tribute band was born. On drums, Adam Baumol – a literal octopus with ridiculously versatile chops and two hearts. On bass, Justin Carlo-Davi – a man whose hairstyle and knowledge of RATM basslines are unmatched anywhere in the universe. On guitar, James Shurte, fondly known as Shurtenburg – the most powerful shredder and shrugger in existence. On vocals and sax, Sage Rouge.

During a time of increased uncertainty, division and hatred, Sage Against the Machine reminds us to settle for nothing, raise our fists and resist.