April 9, 2021
Location: New Orleans
Time: 7:00pm cst
State: Louisiana

Mark Mullins has played a significant role in helping elevate the status of the trombone in New Orleans music over the last 30 years. As a driving force in fronting Bonerama and the award winning MuleBone from the 1990’s with the trombone, his unique funk rock approach to the popular instrument has been widely respected and recognized for years. As one of the main rock influencers in Bonerama, Mark is a fearless cover artist and arranger taking on anything from Led Zeppelin to the Allman Brothers through the voice of the trombone with a sense of arrangement sensibility that brings new life to each song.

Join us Friday April 9, 2021 as Mark Mullins performs at the Funky Uncle with Cass Faulconer (bass), Chris Adkins (guitar) and Alvin Ford Jr. (drums).