Providing relief to musicians and gig workers in the City he loves so much, since April 10, 2020 Frenchy paints live performances weekly at Fridays from the Funky Uncle’s (FFFU). In doing so, he has created a new genre — COVID-era live New Orleans music art. With no live music being played, artists and fans are desperate for live music. FFFU is a weekly live show with a different New Orleans act, some acts are even first time COVID creations. Frenchy has captured the healing medicine of out of work musicians performing live, and he is donating the sale proceeds for each piece he is creating. Frenchy’s gift feeds, provides housing, provides healthcare relief and much more to musicians and gig workers.

Each piece is all about unconditional love like no other art genre. In such difficult times, the amazing positivity that radiates from his canvases brings light to the world around him.

Chris Beary

Who is Frenchy?

Randy Leo Frechette, better known as “Frenchy,” was born in Massachusetts in 1970. At age 27, he moved to New Orleans and made this vibrant and talented City his home. It wasn’t long before his art became hugely successful and his talents nationally recognized. Drawing inspiration from New Orleans, he paints with soul and celebration. Over his career, Frenchy has painted a wide variety of scenes, many specific to the New Orleans music scene. His art collections include Mardi Gras, live band performances, music festivals, and so much more.

Frenchy’s energetic and spirited pieces are painted live, meaning each piece captures the specific energy of the event unfolding in front of him. Working with acrylic, oil, and watercolor, each stroke is inspired by rhythm and melodies, coming together to create entirely unique pieces of art. His work with the Funky Uncle gives music and emotion shape and color as his pieces imitate the music around him.